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At CSG, we aim to set the highest standards of Health and Safety management. Our comprehensive Health & Safety Policy builds on established good practice by strengthening current organizational arrangements and further embedding the importance of Health & Safety across all areas of our business.


CSG has an unwavering commitment to the safety and well being of each of its employees. This commitment is shared with each employee at the time of recruitment. Safe work expectations are clearly communicated to employees. At CSG, our commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers is exceeded only by our commitment to provide the safest possible work environment for our employees.


We educate our employees to ensure adherence to not only the relevant statutory obligations, codes of practice and industry standards, but to also adopt a risk management approach and apply standards that reflect our values. Recognizing that front line supervisors have a special responsibility for the safety of their employees, they are enlightened of their safety responsibilities and the means for fulfilling them successfully.


We ensure that safety for personnel, client, and property is the first priority.


At CSG, no job is so urgent that we cannot take the time to do it safely.


Safety is a priority in every project executed by CSG. A series of initiatives have been undertaken in this field. The scope of coverage of these initiatives encompasses not only our employees, but also associates, vendor partners and their employees. These include:


  • Incorporation of a Safety Policy as a commitment by top management.


  • Formulation and documentation of various procedures for safety.


  • Development of a detailed Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) manual to be followed at all sites, including mishap reporting and investigation.


  • In-house training and education at construction sites and at head office.


At CSG, safety is integrated into all work practices. Based on our extensive experience, we have also developed safety training and education programs that form a comprehensive Environmental and Safety management system, applicable to all our projects.